User & Pass Auth

How to get Static Residential Proxy with User & Pass Auth.

Step 1: Login to TabProxy and go to "Dashboard".

Step 2: Set the number of proxies, countries, and conditions you want to extract.

  1. Select "Get Proxy".

  2. Select "User& Pass Auth".

  3. Select "Static Residential Plan".

  4. Select the Region you want to extract proxies from and other conditions.

Step 3: Select the extraction method that meets your needs.

  1. Select "PROXY FORMAT" and "QUANTITY".

  2. Select "Generate".

  3. Select "Copy Link".


  • zone mandatory Proxy pool identity

  • region Non mandatory Region, do not fill in default global mixed allocation

  • st Non mandatory State, some countries contain, default to random if left blank

  • city Non mandatory City, default to random if left blank

  • session Non mandatory Configuration when a fixed IP is required, user-defined

  • SessTime Non mandatory Used in conjunction with a session to configure IP aging time, up to 120 minutes


zone-Proxy Pool ID
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon:[password]"

region-designated region
region-us America
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon-region-us:[password]"

st-designated state
st-california California
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california:[password]"

city-designated city
city-newyorkNew York
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california-city-newyork:[password]"

session-Fixed an export ip
sed to specify that you want to fix an exit IP for a period of time, without specifying a default of 5 minutes
#curl -x *** "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california-city-newyork-session-b5b36885:[password]"

SessTime- Specify an exit IP with a maximum duration of 120 minutes
Used with session to specify a fixed exit IP Time to live
SessTime-120 120 min
#curl -x *** "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california-city-newyork-session-b5b36885-SessTime-120:[password]"

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