Rotating Residential Proxy

This user guide provides a comprehensive overview of utilizing TabProxy's Rotating Residential Proxy Packages. It is structured into three distinct sections to facilitate a smooth and secure user experience:

  • Efficient Acquisition: This section outlines the process for efficiently selecting and purchasing the most suitable Rotating Residential Proxy Package on the TabProxy website. It streamlines the acquisition process, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

  • User& Pass Auth: This section focuses on how to use TabProxy's user name and password authentication to extract the rotating residential proxies, which are both convenient and secure for users. This fosters a robust security posture and protects user credentials.

pageUser & Pass Auth
  • API Extraction: This section delves into the effective use of TabProxy's Application Programming Interface (API) for extracting rotating residential proxies for your applications. By mastering API integration, you can create a workflow tailored to your specific needs.

pageAPI extraction

By following this comprehensive guide, you will be well-equipped to leverage the full potential of TabProxy's Rotating Residential Proxy Packages and unlock the benefits they offer.

Selection of Rotating Residential Proxy Packages.

Step 1: Log on to TabProxy's website.

Step 2: Mouse over the user's name in the "Top Right" corner, then scroll down to "Dashboard" and click.

Step 3: Click on "Residential Proxies", then click on "Pricing", select the package you want, and click on "Get started".

Step 4: Choose your favorite payment method to pay.

Step 5: After the recharge is completed, please enter the "Dashboard" to check your balance, if you find any error in your balance, please contact TabProxy's after-sales service team - at

TabProxy Payment Tips.

  1. "Credit Card" payment is limited to one payment within 24 hours (multiple payments can be made after successful payment).

  2. "Mars" payment is limited to a maximum of 7 payments within 1 hour (multiple payments can be made after successful payment).

  3. "PayPal" payment is only available for second and more purchases.

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