User & Pass Auth

How to get Rotating Residential Proxy with User & Pass Auth.

Step 1: Login to TabProxy and go to "Dashboard".

Step 2: Set the number of proxies, countries, and conditions you want to extract.

  1. Select "Get Proxy".

  2. Select "User& Pass Auth".

  3. Select "Residential Proxy Plan".

  1. Select the Region you want to extract proxies from and other conditions.

  2. Select the IP Mode you want to extract the proxy from, there are two types of IP Modes: "Rotating" and "sticky".

Step 3: Select the extraction method that meets your needs.

  1. Select "PROXY FORMAT" and "QUANTITY".

  2. Select "Generate".

  3. Select "Copy Link".


  • zone mandatory Proxy pool identity

  • region Non mandatory Region, do not fill in default global mixed allocation

  • st Non mandatory State, some countries contain, default to random if left blank

  • city Non mandatory City, default to random if left blank

  • session Non mandatory Configuration when a fixed IP is required, user-defined

  • SessTime Non mandatory Used in conjunction with a session to configure IP aging time, up to 120 minutes


zone-Proxy Pool ID
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon:[password]"

region-designated region
region-us America
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon-region-us:[password]"

st-designated state
st-california California
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california:[password]"

city-designated city
city-newyorkNew York
#curl -x *** -U "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california-city-newyork:[password]"

session-Fixed an export ip
sed to specify that you want to fix an exit IP for a period of time, without specifying a default of 5 minutes
#curl -x *** "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california-city-newyork-session-b5b36885:[password]"

SessTime- Specify an exit IP with a maximum duration of 120 minutes
Used with session to specify a fixed exit IP Time to live
SessTime-120 120 min
#curl -x *** "[account]-zone--moon-region-us-california-city-newyork-session-b5b36885-SessTime-120:[password]"

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