Google extension configuration tutorial

Step 1: Open the TabProxy website, download and add the extension

Step 2: Login to TabProxy and go to "Control Panel"

Select the proxy information you want to configure

Step 3: Start "Create User".

Click "Create User" to enter the "Authentication Account Management" page, click "Add Account" to configure your account name and password.

ps: The account name must be composed of numbers and letters, and the length is between 8~15 characters.

Step 4:Configure TabProxy extension information

Click "Generate" to generate proxy information and copy it, open TabProxy extension, click "Add New Proxy" to start setting your proxy name, paste the proxy information you just copied, open the proxy generation page again, copy and paste your username and password.

Click "Save Changes" and click on the TabProxy extension and click on the link to start working with sub-users.

How to deal with wrongly deleted sub-users

If you accidentally delete your frequently used sub-users, the following page will appear.

Don't panic, just open your TabProxy dashboard and enter your username and password again and you will be able to use it normally!

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